Better with every effort

In order to be smart you must ask stupid questions. In order to gain new skills and wisdom you must be willing to look like a fool.

No one rides a bicycle perfectly on the first attempt. The only way to become graceful at it is to start as an awkward beginner.

Is there something you’re reluctant to attempt because you’ll look bad at first? Well, you’ll look even worse if you’re always afraid to do it.

To get good at it you have to go through being bad at it. The way to do anything well is to give yourself permission to do it poorly for a while.

From the moment you were born you’ve been improving your skills and abilities. Give that positive trend new avenues where it can continue.

Admit you don’t know, accept that you can’t do it, and then challenge yourself to learn. Encourage and enable yourself to get better and better with every effort.

— Ralph Marston